Out Of The Blue

by Nigrita

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all songs by Nigrita


released December 4, 2019

Nigrita aka Pilmaiquén - Vocals/Keys/Guitar
Raphael Schwarzacher - Bass / Vocals
Camillo-Mainqué Jenny - Drums

Album recording, mixing and mastering
Svilen Angelov


All song rights reserved by Nigrita aka Pilmaiquén


all rights reserved



Nigrita Salzburg, Austria

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Track Name: Favourite Song

Oh you play my favourite song
and all I want is to be close to you
wrapped up in your arms
I can feel the heat

Don‘t leave my side
go ahead and take what you need
I feel so stoned
anytime I breathe in what you exhale

Don‘t be afraid
cause I just want you back
don‘t misbehave
cause I just want you back
Track Name: Run

Oh I‘ll run
I‘ll run through the rain through the storm into
To the sun
to your warm embrace

Why would you think that I
was not gonna find you
believe that I‘ll keep travelling
until we breathe the same air again

Oh I will come look for you
back to the dark side of the moon
the day will come and we will meet
go on rest your head
have some peace

Meanwhile I‘ll keep searching
meanwhile I‘ll keep looking
for y
Track Name: Out Of The Blue

Out of the blue you come and tease me
oh to be myself

Out of the blue diving into the deep sea
drifting to the heartfelt

Wild cerulean oh beauty
my deep sympathy goes to you
how you suspire still waters
mirrowing the infinite blue

Your majestic presence I feel
when I‘m floating on you ocean skin
you carry all my secrets within
take me in limitless marine

Unravel for the eyes of the sky
let fall sheer sapphire
give space to the seekers of solace
I can feel it I see you space I see your waves

Aqua Queen
Track Name: We Are Here

We are here to die
and everybody has got to go
and find a reason why

People come people stay people go
and the earth continues it‘s flow
we grow we live we decompose
the meaning of life nobody knows

Why does a heart start beating

We are here to die
come let it go, let it die

But we do hold on to expectations
cause we think that we do know
how life‘s supposed to roll
how we grow how we unfold

Creating concepts of truth and failure
but can we judge what justice means
when experiences make us grow
and observe how our hearts are beating
and keep on beating, breathing
feeling it all
the beauty the beast the cold and the heat
until we fall we feel it all
Track Name: Follow

If you do want me I don‘t have to leave you
if you don‘t need me I don‘t need to follow
if you do care you‘ll see that you complete me and I complete you

We can breathe, we can fly
and see how love goes by

I try to let you go
but you won‘t leave my side
I really want to
let you go
but you won‘t leave my side
Track Name: Deep

How sweet is the sound
of your voice
unleashing the bond
that has been chained on
to our souls

How deep goes the touch
of your skin
untying the bond
that has been chained on
to our souls

To our souls

I want to hear your heartbeat
I want to lose my head with you
wanna give myself away oh I
I‘ll follow you down
until we meet the sweetness of sound

I will accompany you to the ground
and we‘ll travel all around

We‘ll travel all around
until we meet again
oh boy

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